In the centre of the Thiérache, near the Oise river, with many walking trails.

Hiking, cycling, kayaking.

La chouette et le bocage

Axe vert of Thiérache

All the walking trails

Kayaking on the Oise river from Hirson

Kayaking on the Oise river from Autreppes

La Capelle

This entirely renovated international horse racing destination is 8 km away

Saint Michel

In a thousand year old site, Saint Michel Abbey , admire the splendid monastic architecture and the murals depicting the life of Saint Benedict.
24 km.


At Guise, a middle aged castle and the Godin phalanstery : In the 19th century, a forward-looking industrialist founded the incredible “People’s Palace”.25 km.

Fortified churches

Thiérache, land of fortified churches
that you can visit when walking

Val Joly

Val Joly entertainment and nautical centre.40 km.

Matisse museum

20th century’s paintings at Matisse Museum at Le Cateau
40 km.


Cathedral and old town 50 km